ROYPOW Celebrates Grand Opening Of New Headquarters

(July 16, 2023) ROYPOW Technology, an industry-leading lithium-ion battery and energy storage system supplier, proudly announced the grand opening of its new headquarters on July 16, marking a new chapter for future development.

ROYPOW Celebrates Grand Opening of New Headquarters2

The newly built headquarters with a 1.13 million square feet floor area, located in Huizhou city of China, features a brand-new R&D center, manufacturing center, national standardized laboratory, and comfortable working and living environments.

ROYPOW Celebrates Grand Opening of New Headquarters1

Over the years, ROYPOW has been dedicated to the R&D, manufacturing, and sales of lithium-ion battery systems as one-stop solutions and has established a worldwide network with subsidiaries in the USA, Europe, the UK, Japan, Australia, and South Africa, while gaining broad market popularity. The new headquarters further contributes to its continued growth and expansion.
The grand opening ceremony was held at the new headquarters with the theme “Energizing The Future”, which addresses the new infrastructure that will energize ROYPOW’s and the renewable energy industry’s future development. Over 300 people took part in this event, including ROYPOW’s staff, customer representatives, business partners, and the media.

ROYPOW Celebrates Grand Opening of New Headquarters3

“The opening of the new headquarters is a significant milestone for ROYPOW,” said Jesse Zou, the founder and CEO of ROYPOW Technology. “The operation of the administrative and R&D buildings, production building and dormitory building provides strong support for the company’s continuous innovation, product development, and intelligent manufacturing. This strengthens our foothold as the pioneer in the field of energy transformation to a more clean and sustainable future.”

ROYPOW Celebrates Grand Opening of New Headquarters

Mr. Zou further emphasized that ROYPOW’s success owed much to the unwavering dedication and commitment of employees. The new headquarters encourages ROYPOW’s employees to reach their full potential and to drive ROYPOW’s growth by providing a great work environment with various amenities to enhance their experience. “We want to create a vibrant, inspiring, and collaborative workspace where our colleagues want to work in and a comfortable living environment they enjoy being a part of,” Jesse Zou said. “This enhances productivity, fosters collaboration, and ultimately results in delivering even greater value to our customers.”


Together with the opening of the new headquarters, ROYPOW released its upgraded brand logo and visual identity system, aiming to further reflect ROYPOW visions and values and the commitment to innovations and excellence, thus enhancing the overall brand image and influence.
For more information and inquiry, please visit www.roypowtech.com or contact marketing@roypowtech.com.